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Rockway Vineyards Partner David Hearn Finishes Consecutive PGA Tournaments In The Top-10

Not only can David Hearn make some great wine, but he's swinging a very hot golf club on the PGA Tour right now. Hearn, who partners with Rockway Vineyards to produce 2013 David Hearn Limited Edition Cabernet/Merlot (VQA) and 2015 David Hearn Limited Edition Chardonnay/Riesling (VQA), Read more...
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June Golf Specials

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Rockway Vineyards Niagara Junior Golf Camp
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Rockway Vineyards is once again putting on its Junior Golf Camp this summer for kids aged 5 and older. There are two camp dates this year and we are partnering with Niagara Golf Warehouse in order to provide the best experience possible for all future Sergio Garcias or Brooke Hendersons.

The camps take place over three days, Monday to Wednesday. Each day lasts from 9 am until 1 pm. The available dates are July 5-7 and August 9-11. Below is some more information about your camper can expect.

Golf Instruction

All aspects of the game of golf will be covered at the camp, which will take place on a beautiful Niagara golf course, Rockway Vineyards. Golf Pro Donny Churchill has designed a junior golf program.
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Early Season Golf Specials
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