How To Spend A Day At Rockway Vineyards
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Summer in wine country is unlike any other time. Here in Twenty Valley, long summer days means more than just the ripening of grapes on wines. Longer days means plenty of time to pack in all there is to do here, including boutique shopping in Jordan Village, bicycling along beautiful rural backroads, chasing the setting sun on the golf course and, of course, sipping some of the best wine in Canada. What more could you ask for?

At Rockway Vineyards, by offering three unique, unforgettable experiences, we are uniquely positioned to take advantage of all summer has to offer. And this summer Rockway Vineyards is offering some of our best package offers ever, allowing you the opportunity to experience the full spectrum of Niagara's signature offerings without wasting precious time traveling. Let's.
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Rockway Vineyards August Wine of the Month: 2016 Small Lot Sauvignon Blanc (VQA)

August is a wonderful month to be in wine country. The days remain long and night offers welcome cool breezes. August also tends to be drier than the other summer months. The weather makes it the perfect time for a bicycle tour of Niagara wineries, long sessions outdoor on a patio with your favourite wine or sneaking in an additional 9 holes on golf courses in Niagara. 

That's why Sauvignon Blanc is the perfect choice for wine this month. This wine is refreshing after a day cycling or golfing in the sun and has layers of tasting notes to keep you interested after the first glass is done. 

Read more about our 2016 Small Lot Sauvignon Blanc, released just this summer, our.
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An Introduction To The Rockway Brands At Your Local LCBO
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When discussing the transformation of Rockway Vineyards, veteran wine critic Gordon Stimmell of the Toronto Star noted:
Now, under the guiding light of young winemaker David Stasiuk, the winery has been reborn and is churning out amazing small-lot wines, some of which rise into the realm of world-class. He is excited to be bringing the long bottled-up potential of the vineyards to thrilling levels.
Now, this.
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Rosé, Gewurztraminer and Sauvignon Blanc: Meet Rockway Vineyards' New Class of 2016
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Rockway Vineyards has released three new vintages this summer, all of which are available for purchase in our wine store or by phone or email order. What these wines have in common is that they are great for summer sipping, whether in the sun or at the dinner table with all your favourite fresh dishes. 

Rockway Vineyards and our winemaker David Stasiuk are always striving to inject new interpretations of classic vintages and provide more premium wines at affordable prices. These three new wines have accomplished those goals. Find out more about each below.

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Rockway Vineyards Partner David Hearn Finishes Consecutive PGA Tournaments In The Top-10

Not only can David Hearn make some great wine, but he's swinging a very hot golf club on the PGA Tour right now. Hearn, who partners with Rockway Vineyards to produce 2013 David Hearn Limited Edition Cabernet/Merlot (VQA) and 2015 David Hearn Limited Edition Chardonnay/Riesling (VQA), Read more...
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