Meet The Rockway Team: Karli Roberts - Retail Manager

At Rockway Vineyards we offer a unique experience different than any other you'll find in Niagara. We want to enhance that experience by introducing you to some of the members of the Rockway Vineyards who will be taking care of your golfing, wine, dining or event needs while you're here.

Karli Roberts is our new Retail Manager in the wine boutique. She joined the Rockway team at the end of August, after two years of experience in the local wine industry at Jackson Triggs. She is also a graduate of Niagara College's Wine Business Management and Tourism Management programs. 

Get to to know Karli better in this week's Staff Feature!

Who is a part of your team that you work with?

I work closely with the retail team. It is a small team of 6 that are very knowledgeable and passionate about the wine that we sell here. Of course, all of the staff in the restaurant, banquet, kitchen, events and golf work together to make sure the entire facility runs smoothly.

What do you enjoy most about your job and/or working at Rockway Vineyards?

What I enjoy most about working at Rockway Vineyards is the team that I have. Everyone in the retail store is always smiling and there to help you through anything at all. They are the best team to have working with you. 

What makes Rockway a unique destination, in your opinion?

I think Rockway is unique because it offers premium food, premium wine and premium golf all in one beautiful destination. All of our offerings are top notch and the staff work to make each of these experiences as great and unique as they can. 

The retail team takes care of all your wine tasting and purchasing needs while here at Rockway Vineyards. They are always happy to help you find that perfect wine or learn more about wine through our winery tours.

If you're interested in becoming a member of our wine club, chat with a member of our retail team next time you're in. This unique membership offers convenience and wine savings. There are also dining and golf perks available. 

Now that you know Karli a little better, stop by and say hi next time you're here! 

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