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Golf Course Map & Score Card

Below you will find a map of Rockway Vineyard's championship golf course.

Score Card

Course Stats

Tees Yardage Par Rating / Slope (Men's)Rating/Slope (Women's)
Gold 6914 72 73/135--
Blue 6468 72 71/131
White 5869 72 68.3/12674.3/136
Green 5510 72 65.9/117
Red 5033 72 64.3/11169.1/123

Hole by Hole Description

1. This mid to long starting par five usually plays into the prevailing wind. A tee shot placed to the left side of the fairway will set up a mid to long iron layup shot which could result in a short iron approach and a birdie opportunity. For the longer players it is reachable in two however you must first avoid the front left bunker.

2. This par four requires a well-placed tee shot. There are two valleys on this hole one facing tee the other facing your approach. Don't try anything fancy two well stroked shots will set up a par and a par on this hole is all you need.

3. This mid-range par three is well protected by three large bunkers. The green is very deep so club selection is key. Play for the middle of the green and walk away with par.

4. This is a short par four which for the longer hitters can be reached off the tee as it normally plays down wind. However a pulled or hooked tee shot will end one of our vineyards. Hit a three wood or hybrid into the fairway for a short iron approach.

5. This downhill par four has a fairway that slopes from right to left any tee shot played down the left will end up in the pear trees. Keeping the ball down the right side of the fairway will result in a short to mid iron and another opportunity at a birdie.

6. This uphill par three plays slightly longer then the yardage so it's a good idea to take an extra club. The green is protected on the left by a large bunker. The green has subtle breaks so be careful when reading the green.

7. The second par 5 on the course is guarded off the tee by a deep bunker on the left and another down the right. The layup shot is not too difficult however if you miss judge the yardage on your second shot it could end up in the pond which guards the front and the right side of this very undulating green. For you long hitters it is possible to reach the green in two but be aware of the water.

8. The longest and toughest par four on the course. This number one handicap hole which also plays into the prevailing wind is guarded by 4 fairway bunkers. A well placed drive and a second shot played down the right side of this fairway may reach the green. There is a deep green side bunker on the left so be sure to long or short and to the right.

9. The outward nine plays slightly uphill. It is well guarded by a fairway bunker down the left side. A slight fade off the tee will set you up with a short to mid iron into the green which slopes from front to back. The green is very deep so take an extra club if the pin is in the back.

10. This is your best chance at a birdie; the tenth hole is a short par four which can be hit with a short iron. Avoid the bunkers down the right side of the fairway and shoot for the pin.

11. Another short par four which is heavily guarded down the right side by a long and narrow fairway bunker. To the left is a large mound which should be avoided or you will be blocked out by trees. A well-placed tee shot will set up a short iron approach to this relatively flat green.

12. A long par five that will take three shots to reach the putting surface however for the longer hitters you may get home in two. Off the tee there are two fairway bunkers that should be avoided if you want to reach the putting surface in regulation. The green is a guarded by a large and somewhat deep bunker.

13. This dog leg par four is the hardest on the back nine. With water down the left side and trees down the right accuracy off the tee is a must. The green is guarded by a bunker that protects the right side of the green. A par here is a great score.

14. The first par three on the back nine avoid the water on the left and a well-placed tee shot to the center of the green will ensure a par the green is flat with only a few subtle breaks.

15. This slight dog leg right par four is guarded down the right side by a large bunker as well as long narrow pond. Place your tee shot to the left of the bunker and you will be left with a short iron into this long and narrow green. Two well-placed shots will give a great opportunity for a birdie.

16. This medium to long par five is well protected by a large pond down the left side of the fairway there is ample room to the right so a well-placed tee shot will set up a medium to long iron for your approach shot. Be careful on your approach as there is a pond lurking to the left.

17. The final par four on the course stay away from the fairway bunker on the left and your approach shot is relatively easy. The green side bunker to the right will swallow up any shots that leak right. Play for the middle of the green and walk away with your par.

18. Our signature hole here at Rockway Vineyards. It's one of the only finishing par threes in the peninsula. Your tee shot is all carry over a huge pond whether you play from the forward tees or the back it's very demanding the green is very large however the tee shot is key hit the center of the green and finish with a par.

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